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Moles may look harmless but the damage they can cause can create an unsightly, chaotic and costly mess in domestic, agricultural and commercial situations.

Moles in and around lawns & gardens in residential and commercial areas can be costly and damaging. Within agriculture crops can be decimated proving very costly in losses.  The ability to contaminate silage for livestock in the agricultural sector can also be a major cost.

An integrated approach for moles is essential. Acute Pest Solutions can tailor a packaged to suit your individual needs and requirements in order to gain control of your mole problem on your property.

Our success rate for commercial, agricultural and domestic customers is second to none. We adopt both trapping and gassing where relevant.

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Acute Pest Solutions will solve with all your pest control needs in a discreet and professional manner. From problems with ants or mice to moles, rats and wasps, we can help.

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