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Problem Solving

Bird Proofing and Culling

Proofing against birds is the first and best form of defence against invasion. Blocked gutters, unsightly fouling and nesting debris can cause problems for your home or business and loss of revenue in commercial situations.

We use a wide range of systems to suit your individual needs and requirements, including netting, mesh, spikes, pin and wire, “Bird Free” gel and ‘Avi-Shock’.

Our installation team are fully trained to use access equipment in order to locate the problem quickly, effectively and safely using the best quality materials available.

We are licenced and qualified to carry out bird culling. We currently do so for some of our commercial customers who have large numbers of pest birds resident in places of work. Hangars and industrial units where fouling occurs on machinery and products is not only undesirable and costly to remove but also not an option.

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