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Services in Gateshead

Acute Pest Solutions and Acute Pressure Washing provide a wide range of services across Gateshead. These are listed below.

For all enquiries please call Lucy at Acute Pest Solutions on
07812 527540 or the office on 01325 335936



Bird Proofing and Culling


Acute Pest Solutions provide bird culling and proofing services across in Gateshead.

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Environment Services and Specialist Cleaning

Acute provide a range of professional environmental services and specialist cleaning in Gateshead.

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Insects and Wasp Nests

Here at Acute Pest Solutions we offer a wide range of insect pest control services in Gateshead.

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Moles and Rabbits

Moles and rabbits may look harmless but the damage they can cause can create an unsightly, chaotic and costly mess in domestic, agricultural and commercial situations. Acute offer moles and rabbits pest control services in Gateshead.

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Rodents – Rats, Mice and Squirrels

Rodents are not just unpleasant to have in your home, garden or business premises, they also pose a serious risk to human health.  They carry an alarming amount of diseases, such as Tuberculosis, salmonella and gastro-enteritis, transmitted to humans in a variety of ways. Acute provide rodent pest control service in Gateshead.

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Grain Fumigation and Pre- Harvest Treatments

Undertaking pre-harvest spray treatments of your empty grain stores and silos can be an efficient and cost-effective method of prevention against the risk of building infestation and cross-contamination. Acute offer grain fumigation and pre-harvest treatments in Gateshead.

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